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Deposit and instalments

The deposit payable, and the number of instalments available, will vary depending on the cost of the course.

Value of the course Payable at enrolment Payable by Direct Debit (Monthly instalments)
Not paying by direct debit 100% N/A
Up to £149 100% N/A
£150 to £750 30% 3
£751 to £999 20% 5
£1000+ AND up to 12 months (FE) 15% 8
£1000+ AND 13 months or more (FE) 10% 11
HE Courses 15% 8
ESOL Courses 40% 2
Loans not approved (FE) any value £150 refundable after receipt of three SLC payments N/A
Loans not approved (HE) any value N/A N/A N/A N/A
Instalments MUST be by Direct Debit

A deposit is payable at the time of enrolment followed by equal monthly instalments, that must be paid via Direct Debit. Please note that the payee (not always the student) will need to complete a Direct Debit mandate.

Loans not approved

For FE courses, the £150 deposit for unapproved loans is refundable once the college has received 3 monthly payments from SLC. The £150 will not be refunded if the student fails to obtain a loan or they withdraw before we receive three payments from SLC.

For HE courses, no deposit is required if the student can evidence a loan application/approval. But they must be made aware that they are personally liable for their fees if they fail to obtain a student loan.