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Childcare Application Form 2022/23

If your child receives Nursery Education vouchers these should be used to fund your childcare while you are at college.
Childcare funding from College will be a top-up only if you are in attendance more than the 15 hours you receive.

Student Personal Details
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Childcare Requirements
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Childcare Funding Agreement

Wakefield College:
  • will contribute a maximum of 80% towards your childcare costs up to an overall total sum of £5,000 per year per child (with a maximum amount of £10,000 per household).
  • will fund your childcare costs only when you are in a timetabled class.
  • will pay you childcare costs based on a minimum college attendance rate from you of 70%. If your attendance falls below this level your childcare payments may be suspended if you have not kept us informed of any absences. We may need to contact your childcare provider to confirm your child’s attendance.
  • you will have the opportunity to appeal against this for any extenuating circumstances.
  • may pay a retainer fee to keep your child’s place open during college holidays, but this must be agreed with ourselves and your childcare provider prior to you starting at college.
  • will not fully fund college holidays (other than retainers as above) or times when you are not timetabled to be at college.
  • will take no responsibility for any outstanding payments to your childcare provider should you withdraw from your course at college.
  • I agree to contribute a minimum of 20% towards my childcare costs depending on my attendance at college, as stated above.
  • I agree to fund my child/children’s childcare for that day/any subsequent days on which I am absent without informing the College.
  • I agree to provide evidence of any absences from college as required.
  • I agree that I may have to contribute 80% to my childcare costs should my attendance at college fall below 70% and I have not kept College informed.
  • I agree to inform the College of any changes (increases/decreases) in hours I am required to attend for my course.
  • I agree to inform the College of any changes (increases/decreases) in costs from my childcare provider.
  • I agree to notify the College (and my childcare provider) immediately, if I withdraw from my course at college.
  • I agree to repay any monies that may be outstanding should I withdraw from my course at college.
  • I understand that this funding is for one year only, and that I need to re-apply if I am returning to college for the next academic year.
  • I declare that the information I have provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge.