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Accountancy Courses

Awarded by the Association of Accounting Technicians

A career in accountancy is a great choice with excellent job prospects. Accountants are in demand in a wide variety of sectors and organisations.

Accountancy Courses at Wakefield College

You could choose to work for anyone from a small local business to a large international accountancy firm. Indeed, many large organisations in both public and private sectors have people in their most senior and highest paid roles with accountancy as their background.

The profile of accountancy has changed significantly in recent years and offers great scope for a varied career, with the ability to specialise in, and move between, key business areas in high demand:

  • auditing - conducting independent checks on organisations’ financial statements;
  • tax – for example dealing with tax returns or advising organisations about tax;
  • corporate finance – advising businesses about mergers and acquisitions;
  • business recovery and insolvency – steering businesses through difficulties or winding them up;
  • forensic accounting – detecting and preventing fraud.

Accountancy can also provide a rewarding part-time career for those people wishing to balance work with other interests or commitments.

It could also be a stepping stone to starting your own successful business, using the knowledge you’ll gain about financial strategies to best effect.

We offer a wide range of accountancy courses across all levels. Our specialist course advisors can discuss the best options to suit your personal requirements and aspirations.

Key Points
  • The AAT Accounting Qualification is an internationally recognised qualification based on real-world accounting knowledge.
  • Depending on your experience/qualification we offer accounting courses from Level 1 to Level 4.
  • You could do a manual or computerised bookkeeping course as standalone, or as part of a further programme of study.
  • AAT courses at Level 3 and above are eligible for the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan.
  • There are over 150 accountancy firms in our District including the world’s ‘Big Four’ – PWC, Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young.
  • Leeds is the UK’s main financial and business services centre outside London.

Accountancy Courses