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Business School at Wakefield College

Business School is the place for people looking to upskill in a core business function, follow a particular career path, and for employers looking to give their staff the training they need to give their business the competitive edge.

The Business School at Wakefield College offers pathways in a range of fields accredited by the appropriate professional body.

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Our business related courses/programmes:

The Business School

The Business School at the Heart of Yorkshire Education Group has a long history of providing high quality courses for those wishing to actively improve their careers and future prospects through professional development.

Our enviable links with employers mean our courses are current and keep up to date with the rapidly changing business landscape, giving you a competitive edge in the jobs market and career progression.

As well as professional development courses in their own right, business and management are also key modules in many university-level courses, as well as Access to Higher Education programmes.

I decided to gain a qualification to safeguard my career prospects. I chose Wakefield College over various providers on recommendation and it seemed the best fit with my job role. I can’t speak too highly of my assessor.
Carol Beaumont

In some fields a professional qualification is essential. The relevant professional body will set the formal route for qualification, covering examinations and assessment, competence and experience required, and standards for professional ethics.

You don’t have to wait until you are employed to benefit from the resources and knowledge base of a professional body. All of our professional courses are accredited by the appropriate professional body, ensuring that our students benefit from the high standards they instil.

Association of Accounting Technician’s Chartered Institute of Legal Executives Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chartered Management Institute Institute of Leadership and Management

Wakefield College has something for everyone - our aim is to get you started at the right level and on the best route for you.

Finding the right level for you

You may have seen references to ‘levels’ of course, e.g. ‘level 2 course in maths’. These levels are based on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). All UK qualifications are given a level numbered 1 - 8, or ‘entry’.

You may be asked to have qualifications at a certain NQF ‘level’ when you apply for work or further study. You can use the table to match your qualification to its level in the National Qualifications Framework.

We do look at everyone individually and you may have different skills, interests, experiences or qualifications to offer. We will ensure that we will advise you on the best route for you.

Level Qualifications
Entry Entry level courses to develop skills and increase confidence
Level 1 GCSE** grade D - G, Level 1 certificates
Level 2 GCSE** grade A* - C, Level 2 NVQs, Level 2 diplomas
Level 3 A Levels**, Level 3 NVQs, Level 3 certificates
Level 4 HNCs, Level 4 diplomas
Level 5 Foundation degrees, HNDs, Level 5 diplomas
Level 6 Bachelor’s degrees (e.g. BA or BSc)
Level 7 Masters degrees, postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas
Level 8 Specialist qualifications such as PhDs (NB not currently offered at Wakefield College)

** These qualifications are usually part of a full-time study programme for school leavers. Please see individual courses for specific entry requirements.

Customised Training

In addition to the training options listed, everything we do can be tailored to meet your individual needs or we can design a bespoke programme of learning and development to suit your business.

If you have a group of staff you would like to train, we are often able to offer group booking discounts; please give us a call for a quote. For groups, we are also able to deliver most courses on your premises if appropriate.

Not sure what training you need?

We are happy to meet with you to explore potential learning and development needs and how these might best be met. After all, we want to get to know you and your business, this is often the best way to get to know your business needs. It is important that you ensure that money is spent on training that will help your business to achieve its objectives.

Our Training Needs Analysis is the process of identifying areas for performance improvement and identify any gaps between the skills your business needs and those your employees have.

We can tell you about the options we can offer, funding which may be available, and if we are unable to provide the training you need, we probably know someone who can.

By undertaking a more formal training needs analysis we can help you to identify exactly what skills you and your staff need to effectively carry out their role and suggest potential training options.

We’ve worked with the following companies
Burberry Coca-Cola Enterprises Group Rhodes Haribo Hepworth Wakefield Next Distribution NHS Wakefield Council Wakefield District Housing

Employment Solutions

We are able to offer you a comprehensive recruitment service that will remove all of the hassle of recruiting new employees - from initial advice and guidance, to the selection of the most appropriate candidates, to work experience placements that will meet your needs.


Looking at taking on an apprentice? Or, looking to put existing staff on an Apprenticeship scheme? You’re joining one of over 130,000 workplaces that provide apprenticeship places.

Apprenticeships can help businesses across all sectors by offering a route to harness fresh new talent. UK businesses consider skills shortages and recruitment difficulties the biggest threats to performance and growth, and more than a quarter of these rate this form of vocational training higher than any other qualification.

Apprenticeships ensure that your workforce has the practical skills and qualifications your organisation needs now and in the future. The mixture of on and off job learning ensures they learn the skills that work best for your business.

Workplaces offer apprentice places because they understand the benefits that apprentices bring to their business - increased productivity, improved competitiveness and a committed and competent work-force.

New Government Apprenticeship Incentives
Employers can receive up to an extra £2000 grant when taking on an apprentice. 16-18 year old (plus under 25s with a care plan etc.) to receive £3,000 – this is made up of the current grant of £1,000 PLUS an additional £2,000. 19-24 year old to receive £2,000 - 25 years+ to receive £1,500. These incentives are for a limited time only - 1st August 2020 until 31th January 2022.

Work Placements

Work Placements – Whatever the size of your organisation, Work Placements are a way to enhance your workforce with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Students undertaking work experience are wanting the opportunity to develop their skills and are often able to bring enthusiasm and increased motivation to your workforce.

You may have tasks that you have been unable to complete due to time constraints or workloads, or require help with a project. A Work Placement could be a cost effective solution to your requirements and is a way to ‘test-run’ the possibility of the student becoming your apprentice or future employee.

If you would like to discuss your requirements then please phone Business Development on 01924 789761.

The Kickstart Scheme launching in November will provide funding to employers to create new 6-month job placements for young people who are currently on Universal Credit and at risk of long-term unemployment.

Funding is available for:

  • 100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week
  • associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

There is also £1500 per job placement available for setup costs, support and training.


In collaboration with the local Job Centres we provide sector specific training programmes, tailored to your organisational needs for local unemployed people looking to work within your industry.

Using our own facilities, we work with the candidates to help build their confidence and develop their skills and knowledge needed to work within your organisation. On completion of the programme candidates, will know exactly what the job entails and be ready to be interviewed for your vacancy.

Once you find a suitable candidate, we can then help you with further training within the job role i.e. NVQ’s, professional training and apprenticeships.

Below is a summary of the main benefits of pre-employment training;

  • Use of Wakefield Colleges Facilities
  • Sector Specific
  • Training tailored to your requirements
  • Candidates fully aware of what it means to work for your organisation
  • Costs associated with recruitment reduced

If you would like to discuss your requirements then please phone Business Development on 01924 789761.


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