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Office for Students

The Office for Students is the independent regulator of higher education institutions in England. Wakefield College’s registration with The Office for Students (OfS) includes requirements to make certain information public. These links provide those items of information:

Access & Participation Plan

Having an approved access and participation plan is now also a requirement of our registration with the Office for Students.

Access and Participation Plan 2021-22.pdf
182.76 kb · 16 March, 2021

Fee Information 2021-22.pdf
117.83 kb · 16 March, 2021

Impact Report 2019-20.pdf
178.75 kb · 24 September, 2021

Office for Students (OfS) Transparency Information

The Office for Students requires higher education providers to publish application, offer, acceptance, registration and attainment data.

Transparency Information

Refund & Compensation Policy

The purpose of the plan is to protect the interests of our students in circumstances which lead to a material change in their studies, for example through course closure or programme changes.

Refund and Compensation Policy.pdf
127.17 kb · 31 January, 2020

Student Protection Plan

This document must be read in conjunction with the College’s Tuition Fee Policy and Higher Education Complaints Procedure.

Student Protection Plan.pdf
52.53 kb · 31 January, 2020

Transfer Plan

This document sets out Wakefield College’s arrangements for higher education students to transfer between institutions or between higher education courses within Wakefield College.

Transfer Plan.pdf
44.25 kb · 31 January, 2020

Tuition Fees Policy

Wakefield College’s approach to setting and collecting tuition fees and associated charges is reviewed on an annual basis. The tuition fees policy has a major impact on the educational character of the College and is therefore approved by the Governing Body.

Tuition Fees Policy 2019-2020.pdf
344.93 kb · 31 January, 2020