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Students Bring Positivity to a Local Care Home

Friday, 7 May, 2021

Charity Foundation Learning

Students on the Alternative Curriculum programme recently provided elderly residents at a care home with some much-needed cheer!

The group was completing the ‘Taking part in an activity' unit where the group decides on an activity to do together. One student, Rickie, suggested creating something to have delivered to an elderly care home because “They have found Lockdown very hard and lonely by not being able to see their families”. 

The group all agreed that this was the activity they would do. Together Rickie, Beth, Ali, Rahees and Kieran created bouquets of flowers made out of tissue paper and twigs, with each student adding a personal positive message to which were:

“You have been brave and we are all thinking of you.”

“The time is coming to hug your family again.”

“Your family has missed you so much and cant wait to see you soon.”

“The end is near, hugs with family will soon be here.”

“Those you have missed will be back with you soon.”

A worker at the came home delivered the flowers to the residents of Stockingate EMI based in South Kirkby, Pontefract for the group and kindly sent back some pictures of the residents enjoying their flowers. Alternative Curriculum Lecturer Lindsey Ball said, “I am so proud of their maturity for this unit.”

The Alternative Curriculum VIP course is a re-engagement programme for students who find it difficult to engage in a full-time vocational course whether at College or another provider. The course helps develop student’s confidence, study skills and awareness of College expectations which will help them successfully access a vocational course of their choice the following year.


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DATE: 7 May, 2021

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