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Wakefield College staff support the community throughout the Covid crisis

Friday, 23 October, 2020

Health & Social Care animal care Press Release


We wanted to end Colleges Week 2020 by celebrating our college COVID-19 heroes! Our incredible students and staff at Wakefield College have been inspirational in supporting the community throughout the Covid crisis.

Here’s just a couple of stories from College staff:

Care and Early Years Lecturer,Rebecca volunteered as an NHS volunteer responder, supporting those in the local area who were isolating whilst still delivering online learning to her students and home schooling her own two primary aged children!  She is also involved with Ossett Town Juniors Football who collected easter eggs for the children's ward at Pinderfields and donated all their tuck shop stock to the HART team (Yorkshire Ambulance Service) so they could have snacks and drinks in between jobs! 

During lockdown, our dedicated Animal Care department staff continued to provide the best care for our collection of exotic and mammalian species in our specialist facilities. The love for animals is not limited to our animal care department which our Head of Management Information, Chris proved when he and his wife, an RSPCA worker, fostered four 2-day old kittens with their mum during lockdown until they could find their forever homes.

The Star Wars kittens, as their litter was named, didn’t have to search far though as after Chris told his story in our staff college Newsletter, KIT, Executive Director of Student Experience and Support, Clare heard their cries. Seven months later all are happy in their forever homes with kitten brothers, Kylo and Finn, “now living their best life and ruling my household,” said Clare.

With his wife taking the literal meaning from ‘work from home’ Chris has ended up fostering another two litters. The second litter (Belgian, Choux and Hot-cross) attracted the attention of Horticulture & Animal Care lecturer, Hellen who had a sweet tooth that day! She went for Hot-cross which she now known as Squirrel who she says, “is small but he is mighty!!” 

Chris is now on his third litter Sphinx, Persian, Meowth and Litten who are now 7 weeks old and will be ready for their forever homes in about 3 weeks’ time.

The RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch covers the South East Wakefield area (Crofton, Ackworth, Featherstone, Hemsworth etc) and receives no funding from the central RSPCA – all their fundraising is done independently and they have had to shut their shops since March. If anyone wants to help out the centre they can donate through the website, or contact Chris for more information on adopting these lovely furballs by emailing 

 #LoveOurColleges #CollegesWeek


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 23 October, 2020

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