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Skillweld Semi-Finals

Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

Engineering Student Achievement

Tyler receiving his first place certificate

Two Level 3 Fabrication and Welding students have completed the second stage of Skillweld competition 2018 with Brian Fisher winning 1st place and Tyler Pickard coming 2nd in their separate heats.

The Semi-Finals used these four SkillWeld weld tests:

No. 1 - Carbon Steel ø100mm-6mm wall pipe MMA - HL045 (ASME IX/6G)

No. 2 - Aluminium pipe to plate (ø100mm-3mm wall pipe to 6mm plate)  A/C TIG - Horizontal Vertical (PB)

No. 3 - Stainless Steel, 3mm Fillet. DC TIG OVERHEAD (PD)

No. 4 - Carbon Steel 10mm. FILLET. MAG VERTICAL UP (PF)


They had 4 hours to complete the four weld tests which are all marked by SkillWeld judges. The top ten highest scoring competitors from the SkillWeld Semi-Final heats will then compete in the SkillWeld National Final in November 2018 at the Birmingham NEC Arena.

Competitors taking part in the SkillWeld 2018 National Final may then be invited to join those being developed for WorldSkills International competitions through WorldSkills and Find a Future.

Trevor Murgatroyd, Fabrication and Welding Lecturer said, “Brian is a talented student who passed his Performing Engineering Operations (PEO) Level 2 in Fabrication and Welding at Castleford Campus last year. He has moved on to the Level 3 this year and has shown remarkable progress and determination to improve his welding skills. Working in the family business (B.A. Fisher Ltd) has encouraged him to reach the heights he is currently working at.”

Gary Wright, Senior Coordinator Fabrication and Welding said, “Tyler has very good techniques in welding aluminium and his company Production Park have been fantastic in his development. Tyler is also studying Level 3 Fabrication & Welding at Castleford Campus. With Wakefield College assisting and supporting his skills in other welding processes this has led to significant improvement in his overall ability.”


CONTACT: For more information email, or telephone 01924 789789.
DATE: 17 July, 2018

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